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Boxing is existing in unprecedented times, so fans probably had vastly differing views as to what the sport would look like. Would everything be the same except with no fans? Would we be fighting in a biodome in the desert? Will the sport’s top fighters be itching to get back into the ring right away? Between the...   Jun 14, 2020   .  Read Here
Promoting a boxing match in a jurisdiction with responsible oversight is hard under the best of circumstances. It's more difficult during a pandemic. The Nevada State Athletic Commission and Top Rank put responsible coronavirus protocols in place. Responsible - not foolproof. “That’s the best I can do," Top...   Jun 13, 2020   .  Read Here
Decked out in varying shades of black from head to toe including a face mask to guard against the spread of coronavirus, the rising welterweight contender did his best to blend in with his Minneapolis peers on a hot Friday afternoon. He stood proud, head bowed down and fist raised in the air along with the rest of the ...   Jun 12, 2020   .  Read Here
Whether his latest performance delivered that message, the end result keeps him very much in the running. The former 122-pound titlist had his way with Dominican Republic’s Yenifel Vincete, scoring two knockdowns en route to a 10th round disqualification win Thursday evening in front of a crowdless MGM Grand Conf...   Jun 11, 2020   .  Read Here
In reality, men who could say such things about their title reigns have often been fewer than those whose reigns were managed for risk and highest profit value. Men like Ezzard Charles and Harry Greb were the best in their prime divisions for years before they could line up a title shot. It’s one reason why title...   Jun 10, 2020   .  Read Here
The unbeaten WBO featherweight champion mostly toyed with Felix Caraballo before stopping his overmatched opponent with a body shot in the sixth round of their non-title fight at MGM Grand Conference Center in Las Vegas. The 22-year-old Stevenson essentially took target practice on the courageous Caraballo until his le...   Jun 9, 2020   .  Read Here
OK, the grizzled boxing promoter is as likely to share a beach house with Al Haymon as say something nice about the controversial UFC czar, but it’s hard to argue the folks at Top Rank will happily bask in the “live sports are back” glow the mixed martial arts promotion began generating last month. Ar...   Jun 8, 2020   .  Read Here
These two events showed what we already should have known. Boxing can and will be restarted, but there is no 100% safe way to do it quite yet. Boxing doesn’t exist in a silo. Promoters and networks are businesses just like any other, the fighters are independent contractors like any other, and all are human being...   Jun 7, 2020   .  Read Here
Price, the middleweight who won gold at the World Championships in 2019, is one of 12 Great Britain boxers who will return to training at the GB Boxing headquarters in in Sheffield when it partially reopens next week. But the 25-year-old spent the lockdown period sharing a house with team-mate Karriss Artingstall ...   Jun 6, 2020   .  Read Here
For years fighters have been preyed upon, abused ripped off. They’ve welcomed people into their inner circles who had no business being there while having everything to gain and nothing lose. Some fighters are just kind to a fault. A couple of weeks ago in a column here I referred to a trip to Dallas to report on...
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