Sell your stuff online on plucom marketplace
Plucom Marketplace is a global dynamic e-commerce platform that will
help you sell to millions of people everywhere in Nigeria.
It is a safe and secure place to sell your stuff.
Set up your e-commerce store now. it'seasy and free!
Everthing you need to start
listing and sell quickly
List your items Receive orders Ship out and get paid   Spot trends
Easy to add item, upload photos and put great descriptions, price your items    Receieve notifications once your customer place an order for processing   Package item, print and add label, ship item to customer location and get paid   Track sales and customers on realtime, spot trends and gain insight

management tools

All the tools you need to manage your retail store and in one place.
such as categories, classification, brands, photo uplods, indexing, tags, label printing, invoice printing,  dashboard, reports, email marketing, optimization for plucom search & much more
sell everywhere administration seo optimised email marketing
sell to your customers online, in-person , point of sales, anywhere or everywhere you are.
  dashboard and sales analytics, orders, order status, shipping  and more. you gain insight on everything you need to know.    search engine optimized allowing products to be indexed by all major search engines   build lasting customer relationship with email campaigns for all any product or products
payments manual order pos app reports
can be integrated with any payment gateway of your choice
  take orders on the phone,  email invoices to customers, and collect payments.   sell product in any of your store locations integrated with online shop
  different type of report that can be generated including sales, orders, products, and musch more
Ready to sell?
Sell absolute anything online. List all new arrivals items and quickly transform your retail business. make money by selling things you don't need anymore and free up spaces consumed.start selling your stuff from the comform of your home

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