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Student was murdered after she 'spurned sexual relationship' with killer

But callous Gordon never called for help and Phoenix was left to die in her flat.

It is then that the killer showed her true cold-hearted nature. After purchasing a circular saw she dismembered her victim before putting her body parts into suitcases.

Calculating and callous Gordon then took on the persona of Phoenix sending texts, emails and even making voice calls to her friends and family. It was a desperate bid to cover her tracks and to give the impression that she was still alive and moving to London.

Gordon then hired a taxi driver to drive her to Gloucestershire where she intended to dump the suitcases with Phoenix inside.

She hoped her heinous crime would never be discovered.

But on May 12 Gloucestershire Police swooped on a man and woman who were spotted by a member of the public 'driving erratically' near the town of Coleford.

The car was followed by police who then found her standing alone by the entrance of a quarry near the Forest of Dean late at night.

Nearby were two large suitcases. Horrified officers opened them and discovered a charred torso and other body parts identified by DNA as those belonging to Phoenix.

Searches were launched around Stowfield quarry and the village of Staunton, close to the Welsh border. Forensic officers descended on the scene and roads were shut.

Gordon thought she had gotten away with murder but the game was up.

Superintendent Scott Griffiths, from West Midlands Police, told BirminghamLive: "This was a case which shocked hardened officers. The discovery of Phoenix's body dismembered in the suitcases was truly horrific.

"Phoenix had moved from London to Birmingham and had been living in the accommodation for some time.

"When Gordon loved into the property in the early part of last year she lived next door to Phoenix and the two quickly developed a close friendship.

"But sexual feelings developed on the side of Gordon towards Phoenix. She wanted a sexual relationship with her. Phoenix didn't want this and she made plans to move back to London.

"It is at this time that Phoenix was murdered in her flat by Gordon.

"From tests carried out on her remains we were able to establish that she was stabbed four times.

"We believe the stab wounds inflicted on her wouldn't have been enough to kill her if she was given medical assistance but she wasn't and she died in the flat.

"This is when Gordon shows how extremely cold and calculated she was. After purchasing a circular saw and dismembering her body she then went on to take on the persona of Phoenix where she sent messages to her family and friends telling her she was OK and would soon be back down in London.

"It is thanks to someone who reported the car being driven erratically that police traced Gordon and discovered what she had done."

Supt Griffiths said Gordon had no previous convictions only had only received a caution for petty crime.

He said: "She hasn't shown any remorse for what she has done. She was unhelpful to police from the start saying no comment to questions and even after pleading guilty to murder she hasn't come clean.

"After the murder people described her actions as being carefree, showing no signs of stress or the behaviour you might expect from someone who had killed someone in this way.

"She had no previous convictions which we were surprised about given the nature of this shocking murder."

He also paid tribute to Phoenix who he described as simply "an innocent party.

He added: "Phoenix's family have been left devastated by what has happened to her and the horrific way in which her body was discovered.

"Phoenix was an intelligent young woman who had been to university.

"Phoenix was an innocent victim who spurned the sexual advances of Gordon.

"She wanted to get away from Birmingham and move back to London and paid the ultimate price for those aims."

In sentencing her to life in prison today, the judge said: "It is clear from the deeply moving statements that Miss Netts was a lovely, caring, compassionate woman who was deeply loved.

"She had intended to move back to live with her parents. Her future was looking, bright and promising.

"You robbed her of the future she deserved."

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