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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Last updated: Friday, November 23, 2018


Cookies and Similar Technologies We use cookies and similar technologies to provide web and online services and also help in collection of data. Cookies contain string group of strings of characters to uniquely identify you and other information related to activities while using our online services.

Use of cookies and similar technologies are purposefully used to identify your browser and devices, for storing your preferences and settings, sign-in and authentication, to present interest-based ads and our business analytics.


We use cookies to help us provide and improve our services by personalizing content. We also use it to bring to you related content and adverts.


General Browsing

Pws stores a cookie when you first visit the site in order to create a "session". A session is akin to a visit: you come to the site and interaction with websites. That's a session. The "session cookie" is stored only for the duration of your session and allows the Site to store state information such as the fact that you've logged in successfully (so you don't have to log in each page view) and whatever settings you've chosen (for instance, fluid page rendering instead of fixed-width).

Other cookies are stored for longer periods (over a year in some cases) and are used for customization of the Site (for instance the current category of content you prefer) without you needing to be logged in.

Other reasons why we use cookies includes but not limited to the following: User account authentication, Service authentication, Content filtering and delivering, Securing and protecting user accounts,  Advertisements, Monitoring and measuring activities and usage analytics, Service usage review and improvement


Placement of Advertisements

Advertising allows us to continue to provide services for free. As such we're aware that advertising must be ethical, non-invasive and safe. Pws Ads service may store cookies on your system in order to show you ads that are actually interesting and relevant instead of random and pointless. Cookies also allow the our ad server to count the number of ads served and clicks clicked so that billing for our advertising clients is fair and transparent.


Products & Services Analytics

We store and use information from cookies for our service and products analytics. The analytics help us to understand how our services and products are being used, which in turn allows us to better tailor our products and services offerings to you. We do not share personally identifiable data with our clients or any third parties. We may, however, share aggregate, non-personal data such as total page view or visitor counts.


Information we collect via cookies?

The data we get from you is typically collected via a form submission. Remember that cookies are set by a website: they can only contain data that the website already has. Cookies can, however, allow data to be correlated: You visit our site one day, we set a cookie, and then you visit the site again the next day, and we read the cookies we stored in order for us to know that it's really you again.

Technology is here to help, but by blocking cookies you will be unable to log-in, you won't be able to customize products or services settings, and you may get lots of ads for that other technology stack you've been trying so hard to avoid.

Disable Cookies

To disable cookies please adjust the settings on your internet browser and choose from the available Cookies settings

Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this our cookies policy, please contact us at

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